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Your unique and hand made wooden product from MacGowan’s Custom WoodCraft comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Should your product fail due to materials defect or poor craftmanship, you can simply return it to MacGowan’s and the
artist will repair or replace your product free of charge – at artist’s discretion.

This warranty does not include owner abuse, but we will make repairs for a reasonable price if this is the case.


Caring for your wooden product

Never ever put your tankard/goblet in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, etc! Have you ever put a steak knife with a wooden
handle in the dishwasher? Do you remember what happened to the handle? It was stripped of its protective coating and the
wood became suddenly dull and rough, right? Imagine that happening to the new tankard or goblet that you just spent at
least $80.00 on! Doing any of the above will void your lifetime warranty.

Wash your product with hand soap and a soft non-abrasive sponge or towel. Dishwashing liquid will strip the coating and
dull the finish quickly. Even automobiles shouldn’t be washed with dishwashing liquid, as the oxidants strips the clear coat.

Depending on the woods used in your item you may notice a color fade or change over time. This is normal – especially if
left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Not to worry though – this will not harm your product; it will merely serve
to add to its character.

With proper care your MacGowan product will last a lifetime – you may even pass it on to your children one day. Our
wooden products are designed and built to last! This is not a disposable item like so many others found on the market

Ours are products of heirloom quality – a quality you can take advantage of every day for years to come!

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