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About us

Welcome to MacGowan's Custom WoodCraft, home of the hand-crafted custom tankard. At MacGowan's we design and create many types of custom wooden pieces to match your tastes and demands. From tankards to cabinets to medieval-looking portable laptop cases, we are able to satisfy virtually any need. MacGowan's is a very small business comprised of people who are geared toward attention to detail – a trait very necessary for custom work of any kind.

Before your order is placed on the table saw we make every effort to ensure a complete understanding of your particular desires, which has lead to 100% customer satisfaction, thus far. We are well aware of the fact there are other craftsmen to choose from, and that none of us are deserving of your repeat business until we have earned your trust and respect.

Each customer is as unique as the piece they order, and this sometimes translates to a piece being either more or less complicated than the piece before. Our tankards, by their very nature, are never dangerous, and are usually, with a few exceptions, the least complicated pieces we design and create. Cabinets, tables, and other pieces, however, can be designed and crafted in such a way that they become useless, or even dangerous.

When you order from MacGowan's you can be sure we will always keep our customer's best interests in mind, and sometimes that will require us to change, or to build upon a flawed design idea that might result in a useless, unstable, or dangerous piece – after all, you are paying us to build a quality product that will endure a lifetime, if not generations... and we will never build a product we don't deem safe for it's intended function.

Our cabinet system is designed for ease of use and safety – even when fully loaded! Fully loaded = approximately 300lbs per section! That means you can load each section to the brim with nothing but canned foods and never worry about failure. Local customer's can expect full installation at no additional cost. Other customers can expect a little assembly work with complete phone support from MacGowan's from 8 am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

As for our tankards: each tankard is designed to hold both hot and cold beverages – a quality not seen in most wooden vessels – and can withstand use in any type of weather. The interior of the tankard is lined with an FDA-approved coating that can withstand temperatures up to 400F! Our tankards come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship – a testament to the high quality of craftsmanship found in each and every MacGowan's tankard.

Take a look at our gallery to get an idea of what might suite your needs, or give us a call to get started on designing your very own custom piece of art. With a little communication your piece will begin it's journey to your front door and to a lifetime of good use.

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